Join us for this new Integrated Bible and Prayer Engagement series!

Do you need your hope lifted and faith strengthened? Don’t we all? In fact, our world seems to be in need of some miracles and miracle workers. We don’t need charlatans or hucksters or self-promoting flukes. But society desperately needs men and women of God who believe that their good Father is still at work in the world. He still calms the storms. He still feeds the hungry. He still heals the hurting. And he still uses his disciples in the miracle.

Over thirteen weeks this fall, we will study eleven miracles recorded by John in his gospel. Each message will seek to challenge us to be open to the miracle and be a part of the miracle.

With God’s help, our study will refresh our faith and renew our hope in the miracle-working God the Bible describes; a God who doesn’t think twice about interrupting the natural order to display supernatural strength. A God who is outside our periodic table of elements, unfettered by the laws he governs.

The Bible invites you to believe in this God. We invite you to experience the miracles of Jesus. We invite you to be Awestruck. 

New to Awestruck?
If you are just now joining us in our study of the miracles of Jesus from John's Gospel, welcome! We're glad you are here. 
You can jump into Awestruck at any time.

We believe that the best way to grow in faith is through Bible and prayer engagement. We encourage you to engage with Awestruck personally, at home, in community, and by attending weekend worship services. Here’s how:

  • Helpful Resources: Use the links above to learn more about Awestruck reading plans, group videos, the Spotify music playlist, and the study guide. 
  • Personal Life: Set aside personal time to read God’s Word and pray.
  • Home Life: Share a meal together and discuss Jesus' miracles.
  • Community Life: JOIN an Awestruck group.
  • Weekend Experience: Click HERE for weekend service times and more info.