With your open Bible and the resources below we want to help EVERYONE grow personally, lead in your home and lead in community.  We want to help anyone how is hungry to learn how to build a truly unshakable hope that can be shared with others.

Engaging with God and Others

Awestruck Resources

Become a Group Leader

If you would like to lead a Group and would like to be resourced please let us know. Click here

Leader Application

Would you like to have your Unshakable Hope group listed on the OHC group map?  If yes, please fill out the required volunteer application. (By choosing to post your group on the OHC  map, your group's general location is published, but your identity and personal information is not. As the leader of a public group, you will only receive emails from OHC with contact information for those interested in joining your group. You can then contact them with more specific details about your group (address and contact information).) Adult Application

Please contact Keith Lessert if you would like to verify if you already have an application on file. Have questions or need assistance? Contact Keith by email or call 210.698.4695.

Russ Hearn
(210) 807-5253
Don Makalous
(210) 698-4667
Crownridge - Boerne | Hill Country
Jorge San Pedro
(210) 698-4654
Alamo Ranch
Rob Willis
(210) 698-4695
Crownridge - Reagan
Michael Casas
(210) 421-6139
Westside - South East
Ramin Gibbs
(210) 807-5236
Crownridge - Clark | Marshall | Churchill
Daniel Seydler
(210) 807-5212