Unshakable Hope

Join us for this new Integrated Bible and Prayer Engagement series!

When life shifts toward struggles or pain or disappointment, where do you turn? When uncertainty invades or sorrow seeps in, where do you look for answers? Here’s a suggestion: turn to one of over 7,000 biblical reminders of God’s care, concern, and guardianship. God, both promise-maker and promise-keeper, “has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4 NIV). Through this study, we’ll become well acquainted with many of these promises and learn to rely on them in every turn of life.

Our hope for this series is that each of us will be able to declare: I am building my life on the promises of God. Because his word is unbreakable, my hope is unshakable. I do not stand on the problems or pain in life. I am standing on the great and precious promises of God.

New to Unshakable Hope?
If you are just now joining us on our study through the promises of God, welcome! We’re glad you are here. You can jump into Unshakable Hope at any time.

What's Needed?
With your Bible in one hand and a study guide in the other we encourage you to engage regularly in prayer and scripture. Here are a few Unshakable Hope study tools to help you engage personally, in your home, in your community and during the Weekend Experience.

  • Scripture Reading Plan: Begin each week with a personal study of scripture. Use your Bible and the Unshakable Hope scripture reading plan to follow the weekly study theme, and grow as you hide God’s promises in your heart. Available at Information Central or as a PDF here.
  • YouVersion App (Digital Scripture Reading Plan):Download the YouVersion Bible App (download from iTunes or the Google Store) and select the Unshakable Hope: Joy reading plan.
  • Community Life Group Vidoes: As you gather in community each week, watch the videos HERE.
  • Study Guide: The Unshakable Hope study guide includes study sections for Personal Life, Home Life, Community Life and the Weekend Experience. Please email OHC to inquire about the availability of study guides.

Jump in or Catch up?
We invite you to just jump in and experience Unshakable Hope wherever we are in the study. We're confident that God's Word will inspire you. If you'd like, you can catch up with the reading by clicking HERE, or watch past sermons by clicking HERE 

We believe that the best way to grow in faith is through Bible and prayer engagement. We encourage you to engage with Unshakable Hope personallyat homein community, and by attending weekend worship services. Here’s how:

  • Personal Life: Set aside personal time to read God’s Word and pray.
  • Home Life: Share a meal together and discuss God’s promises.
  • Weekend Experience: Click here for weekend service times and more info.