Our Values

God has called Oak Hills Church toward a clear mission: We are the Body of Christ called to be Jesus in every neighborhood in our city and beyond. With the promise of our destination after life given to us through the Word of God we know where we are going. Our values tell us that "it matters how we get there.” God wants us to reach his desired destination, but he is concerned and involved in how we come through the journey.

We believe these seven biblical values will guide us as we journey through life both as a church body and individually as we apply them to our families, neighborhoods, schools, and communities. As you live these values you will see that they are all interconnected like a finely woven fabric; each impacting the other in big ways.


    We seek to promote unity in the Body of Christ.

    We offer grace, stand for the truth, and live by faith.

    We embrace the family as the core teaching and discipling center.

    We invite all people to belong to Christ’s community regardless.

    We view every believer as a minister.

    We seek God in all decisions through prayer.

    We organize our efforts around neighborhoods.

Imagine seeing unity throughout the Body of Christ and watching it extend into your family and community. Imagine grace, truth, and faith planting itself in your core and broadening its roots to your relationships and interactions with every person in your life. As these bleed into your life, your family as the core teaching and discipling center will grow and be an example to all the families in your neighborhood. While people in your neighborhood see this they will want to be a part of Christ’s community and we will enthusiastically welcome them because we value inclusivity. And as this cycle continues and every believer ministers in their own way to those around them, people are constantly changing because of God, who we seek in all decisions through prayer.