Study Tools - Awestruck

With your Bible in one hand and a study guide in the other we encourage you to engage regularly in prayer and scripture. Here are a few Awestruck study tools to help you engage personally, in your home, in your community and during the Weekend Experience.

Study Guide
For our Awestruck study, we’ll be using an open Bible in one hand, and a study guide in the other. The Awestruck study guide, written and published by Oak Hills Church, includes study sections for Personal Life, Home Life, Community Life and the Weekend Experience. Everyone can use it! We recommend one (1) per adult. The Awestruck study guide will be used by OHC Sept. 3 – Dec. 2, 2018.

The Awestruck study guide is available in English only. View a sample chapter of the study guide HERE! The study guide cost is $5 if purchased at a campus. Due to copyright restrictions, we are not able to offer any online or digital versions of the Awestruck study guide. It will be available in print only.

The study guide is available for purchase on each campus during weekend services, August 25/26 - September 8/9. The study guide is also available for purchase online HERE. The study guide cost is $10 if purchased online. Additional shipping charges apply and online quantities are limited.

Scripture Reading Plan
Begin each week with a personal study of scripture. Use your Bible and the Awestruck scripture reading plan to follow the weekly study theme, and grow as you learn how you can be open to the miracles and a part of the miracles of Jesus. The reading plan will prepare you for both your Community and Weekend experiences. Use the printed copy of the reading plan located in the study guide, or download the PDF HERE.

YouVersion App (Digital Scripture Reading Plan)
Follow along daily with the Awestruck scripture reading plan on your computer or mobile device using the YouVersion Bible App (download from iTunes or Google Play). Click here for the “Awestruck: Experience the Miracles of Jesus” daily reading plan. The plan will used Monday, Sept. 3 - Sunday, Dec. 2.

Small Group Videos
As you gather in community each week, use the Awestruck group videos to participate with Max in a group discussion about that week’s miracle, and watch a creative video vignette to see the scripture passage come alive. 

Stream or watch videos online:
OHC Website
Roku | Oak Hills Church channel
Amazon Fire TV | Oak Hills Church channel
Apple TV | Oak Hills Church channel

Spotify Worship Music Playlist
Use the Awestruck playlist of songs to help you worship every day of the week. New songs reflective of the series and the current week’s study will be added to the list each week. Utilize this playlist to set your heart on singing to the Lord and blessing his name throughout your week. To access the free playlist, install the Spotify app on your computer or mobile phone (download from, iTunes or Google Play). Create a free account and listen to music free of charge. Search for the “oakhillschurch” account and scroll to “public playlists” to access the “Awestruck” playlist free of charge. Click here for step-by-step instructions.