Oak Hills Church Preschool is an outreach ministry of Oak Hills Church. We serve families in our community by offering quality early childhood education in a safe, loving Christian environment. We strive to foster the development of every child in our program and help him/her grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Our mission is to build understanding of God and to develop Christian character so that our students become confident, contributing disciples who make disciples.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that through play, children learn how to learn. Play allows children to explore, experiment, and investigate while building confidence, natural interest, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing world we live in. Biblical truths are the foundation of the preschool, and we strive to build Christian character, virtues, and values, which help bring children to an understanding of God. Each teacher plans the preschool curriculum around topics that are developmentally appropriate based on the world we live in. Social development, cognitive skills, language skills, and perceptual skills are all emphasized through play in independent play as well as large group activities. Each child is unique and develops at his/her own rate. Because “play” is a child’s “work,” the classroom is divided into learning or “work” centers, which provide opportunities for learning through various challenging activities. The children are provided with daily experiences that will promote their overall level of development.
Our teachers are educated in Education holding degrees in a variety of Education fields. They are Christian education professionals, passionate about young children and the way they learn. Our teachers are motivated by seeing each student succeed and unlocking the potential in every child. They are not only professionals in the field, but also committed followers of Christ.
The first day of school in September is the Wednesday after Labor Day, and the last day of class in May is the Friday before Memorial Day. We operate Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Parents have the choice of a 2-day a week program (meets Wednesday/Friday) or a 3-day a week program (meets Monday/Wednesday/Friday). Our school day begins at 8:30/8:45 AM and ends at 12:30/12:45 PM. Extended day is offered on Wednesday until 2:15 PM. Everyone brings a lunch!


August 30 Meet the Teacher
September 2 Labor Day Holiday
September 4 First Day of School
September 6 Teacher/Parent Meeting
September 11 First Extended Day
October 14 Columbus Day Holiday
November 25-29 Thanksgiving Holiday
December 23-January 6 Christmas/New Year Holiday
January 8 First School Day of 2025
January 20 MLK Holiday
February 5 In-House Registration
February 12 Open Registration
February 17 President’s Day Holiday
March 10-14 Spring Break
April 18 Good Friday Holiday
May 2 Battle of Flowers Holiday
May 23 Last Day of School


2024 - 2025 OHC Preschool Cost

$100 Registration Fee (non-refundable)
$165 Supply Fee / 2-Day (non-refundable)
$200 Supply Fee / 3-Day (non-refundable)
$215 Monthly Tuition / 2-Day
$275 Monthly Tuition / 3-Day
$ 35 Extended Day / Wednesdays until 2:15 PM

2023 - 2024 OHC Preschool Cost

$100 Registration Fee (non-refundable)
$125 Supply Fee / 2-Day (non-refundable)
$150 Supply Fee / 3-Day (non-refundable)
$200 Monthly Tuition / 2-Day
$265 Monthly Tuition / 3-Day
$ 35 Extended Day / Wednesdays until 2:15 PM

The Registration fee, supply fee, and last month (May) tuition are all required to secure a class slot when you register. The registration fee and supply fee are non-refundable.

Monthly tuition is due on the first day of class each month (September – April). If your child was unable to attend because of delayed potty-training, or you choose to withdraw your child (a month’s notice is required) May’s tuition and monthly tuition paid in advance will be refunded if the school is able to fill your child’s slot. No refund is given for sick days.

In-House Registration (currently enrolled students and any siblings) opens in early February for the following school year. Open Registration (anyone not currently enrolled) opens in late February for the following school year. Registration links will be available on the OHC Preschool webpage when the classes are open.

Registration is online only and based on a first-come basis. When a class is filled, a waiting list will be established. The list will remain in effect through the current school year only. It does not carry over to the next school year.

If you are new to Oak Hills Church or the Preschool program, you must create an OHC Online Account first. Please add all of your family data (including name, date of birth, and gender of all immediate family members). If you already have an account (username and password), please select the child's name you wish to register from the Family Member drop-down list on the registration page.

If you are unsure whether you already have an OHC Online Account, or if you need to create one, please click HERE for instructions.

If registration for a class is full, you will be placed on a wait list. Openings will be filled from the wait list in the order the registrations are received. When openings become available, you will be contacted about the opening. If you accept, a full registration will be required, and tuition payment options determined prior to the start date. The list will remain in effect through the current school year only. It does not carry over to the next school year. If you have any questions regarding the Preschool Wait List process, please contact us.

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