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We believe the very best way for us to grow in our faith is together in community through Bible and prayer engagement. That is why we are passionate about everyone joining an Unshakable Hope Group!

We hope to offer a Unshakable Hope Group in or near your neighborhood. Groups are available for families, men, women and college students.

Enter your address below and use the generated map and list to find open groups near you. Determine which group location and day/time work best for you, and then click on the group and fill out the form. (Note: "Mixed" means men and women.) The group leader will get in contact with you. New groups are added daily. If you don’t see a group near you, check back in a couple days or give us a call. We hope EVERYONE will engage with Unshakable Hope in community!

Have questions or need assistance, contact Keith by email or call 210.698.4695.

If you would like to lead a group, you still can!  Click here for more details.

Specialty Groups: Grupo en Espanol – llama 210.807.5218

NOTE:  We are sorry the map is not working for a few addresses.  We are working on it and will have it up and running as soon as possible.

(Sometimes abbreviations like RD or PKWY are not recognized.  Try spelling out the word "road" or "parkway" instead of using the abbreviations.)

You can use 6929 Camp Bullis, San Antonio, TX 78256 and it will pull up a searchable map which will allow you to zoom in to find a group near you.

Group Finder

NameDescriptionScheduleDistanceGroup Type
Heights of Crownridge Tuesday at 6:30 PM0.44 MMixed
Crownridge - Walden Heights (Women-only) Tuesday at 12:00 PM0.46 MWomen-Only
Crownridge - Legend Hills Thursday at 7:00 PM0.62 MMixed
La Sierra CrownridgeGroup rotates homesSunday at 5:00 PM0.98 MMixed
Oak Hills Church- Crownridge CampusFamily Discipleship – Student Center Rm 119 Families; Mom/Dad/Kids – Scott JonesSunday at 10:00 AM1.14 MMixed
Oak Hills Church - Crownridge CampusRoom F204 (Bibleland is available for kids) – We are a group of young families with children under age 5Sunday at 10:00 AM1.20 MMixed
Oak Hills Church - Crownridge CampusRoom A206Saturday at 6:15 PM1.26 MMixed
Oak Hills Church - Crownrige (Fusion)Room F208-209Sunday at 11:30 AM1.27 MMixed
Oak Hills Church - Crownridge (Young Adult Women)Young adult women Room 204 Our time together includes fellowship, light snack, Bible study, mentor-led small group, and prayer time. (no childcare)Monday at 6:30 PM1.28 MWomen-Only
Oak Hills Church - Crownridge (Spanish)SpanishSunday at 11:00 AM1.29 MMixed
Hills and Dales Wednesday at 10:00 AM1.38 MMixed
Isle at Watercrest Dominion Senior Center Wednesday at 3:00 PM1.83 MMixed
UTSA Science BuildingBioScience Building, DAR Room - On UTSA Campus BSB 3.03.10Wednesday at 7:00 AM2.01 MMixed
Village of Sonoma Ranch Tuesday at 7:00 PM2.43 MMixed
Cuppencake Tuesday at 9:00 AM2.64 MWomen-Only
Summit OaksA group that welcomes families.Sunday at 6:00 PM2.83 MMixed
UTSA GroupFor College StudentsTuesday at 6:30 PM3.06 MMixed
College/Young Adult Group Monday at 6:00 PM3.26 MMixed
Woller Creekyoung adults/postgraduatesThursday at 6:30 PM3.26 MMixed
Hart Ranch (women-only)Single moms with children are welcomed!Tuesday at 6:30 PM3.75 MWomen-Only
Cedar Springs Sunday at 7:00 PM4.01 MMixed
Two Creeks - The Park Friday at 6:30 PM4.53 MMixed
Spanish - Rogers RanchAfuera de 1604, cerca de Rogers Ranch Road Spanish Group. Kids welcomeFriday4.56 MMixed
Mirabel Monday at 6:30 PM5.33 MMixed
Shavano Park Thursday at 7:00 PM5.43 MMixed
Rogers Ranch Tuesday at 6:45 PM5.48 MMixed
Lincoln ParkAges 50 and above.Wednesday at 7:00 PM5.71 MMixed
Hunters Creek Monday at 10:00 AM6.00 MWomen-Only
Stonehaven Sunday at 5:00 PM6.43 MMixed
Sable Chase - 1 Sunday at 5:00 PM6.46 MMixed
Sable Chase - 2Childcare availableSunday at 4:00 PM6.47 MMixed
Spanish - TrailwoodAl lado oeste de IH 10, entre Ralph Fair Rd y Fair Oaks Pkwy Kids are welcomeFriday6.47 MMixed
Wildhorse Monday at 6:00 PM6.79 MMixed
Quail Creek (Women Only) Friday at 6:30 PM7.31 MWomen-Only
UT Health Science Center Tuesday at 7:30 AM7.78 MMixed
Fair Oaks Tuesday at 7:00 PM8.16 MMixed
Callaghan - Greensboro - MidvaleThis group meets every other Saturday. Childcare is available for kids.Saturday at 3:00 PM8.40 MMixed
Dellview Thursday at 6:30 PM8.91 MMixed
Silver Oaks Monday at 7:00 PM9.00 MMixed
North Star Hills Friday at 7:00 PM9.46 MMixed
Alamo Ranch: Lone Star Thursday at 6:00 PM9.92 MMixed
Doral Monday at 6:00 PM10.41 MMixed
Fair Oaks Ranch - Deer Meadow Estates Sunday at 6:00 PM10.49 MMixed
The Oaklands Friday at 6:30 PM10.71 MMixed
Bill Miller's (men-only)Men-onlyThursday at 6:30 AM10.87 MMen-Only
Alamo Ranch - DeZavala Grant Tuesday at 6:30 PM11.05 MMixed
Encino Park Sunday at 5:30 PM11.13 MMixed
Alamo Ranch - The Preserve Sunday at 6:00 PM11.91 MMixed
Spring Vistas (Miracle Palmer) Tuesday at 6:00 PM12.01 MWomen-Only
Monticello Park Friday at 6:30 PM12.21 MMixed
Westpointe at Fronterra Thursday at 6:30 PM12.28 MMixed
Herff Ranch Sunday at 4:30 PM12.29 MMixed
Dentro de 1604, cerca de Potranco y 151Spanish Group. Kids welcome.Friday12.46 MMixed
Forest OaksGroup rotates homesThursday at 6:30 PM12.65 MMixed
Westcreek - The Oaks Saturday at 7:00 PM12.69 MMixed
Spanish - Town Lake NeighborhoodAl norte de 410 entre Broadway y Nacogdoches Rd Spanish Group. Adults only.Friday12.73 MMixed
West Oak Estates Saturday at 8:00 AM12.77 MMen-Only
YMCA - Westside Brach Sunday at 12:30 PM12.87 MWomen-Only
Indian Springs Estates North Tuesday at 6:30 PM13.09 MMixed
Mico, TX Friday at 7:00 PM13.81 MMixed
Boerne Daily Grind Coffee House Wednesday at 8:30 AM14.02 MMixed
Norther Hills - Bellcrest (Rob DeSantis) Wednesday at 6:30 PM14.16 MMixed
Sabinas Coffee House -- COLLEGEA group of college students and 20 something aged group.Thursday at 6:00 PM14.20 MMixed
Tobin Hill North Sunday at 5:30 PM14.25 MMixed
English Oaks BoerneWomen OnlyMonday at 6:00 PM14.41 MWomen-Only
Weston OaksMeet every other weekSunday at 5:00 PM14.74 MMixed
Indian Springs - Boerne Tuesday at 7:00 PM14.83 MMixed
Bella Vista Sunday at 6:00 PM15.17 MMixed
Mesa Creek Sunday at 4:00 PM15.25 MMixed
Guadalupe Street and S Frio Street Monday at 6:30 PM15.30 MMixed
Stablewood Friday at 6:30 PM15.35 MMixed
Hillcrest Tuesday at 6:30 PM15.45 MMixed
Acres North Wednesday at 7:00 PM15.62 MMixed
Ranger CreekThis group meets only on the 3rd Thursday of each month. The location is the Ranger Creek Clubhouse.Thursday at 6:30 PM15.67 MMixed
Redbird Ranch Sunday at 5:00 PM15.81 MMixed
Emerald Pointe - Green Mountain (Tammy Neal)Adult only groupTuesday at 7:00 PM15.88 MMixed
Tapatio Springs Tuesday at 6:30 PM16.13 MMixed
Royal Ridge (Phyllis Harris) Wednesday at 7:00 PM16.20 MWomen-Only
Redbird Ranch Sunday at 5:00 PM16.41 MMixed
Rolling Meadows - Biltmore Lakes (Chris Rockett) Wednesday at 7:00 PM17.21 MMixed
Lake Country - Lakeview Estates Wednesday at 8:00 AM17.39 MMixed
K-Bar-M Thursday at 6:30 PM17.73 MMixed
Olympia (Carole Meyer) Thursday at 6:30 PM19.45 MMixed
Garden Ridge - The Enclave (Angie Morehead) Sunday at 3:00 PM19.60 MWomen-Only
Castroville, TX Thursday at 7:00 PM19.88 MMixed
Lost Meadows (Paula Oliver) Tuesday at 6:45 PM19.91 MMixed
Live Oak Hills (Bob Bertels) Thursday at 6:30 PM20.05 MMixed
Windy Meadows (Bruce Greer) Sunday at 4:00 PM20.28 MMixed
Carolina Crossing (Vic Rick) Wednesday at 6:30 PM20.71 MMixed
Arroyo Verde (Nydia Cabra) Sunday at 6:00 PM21.77 MMixed
Rockwall Ranch (John Larson) Thursday at 7:00 PM21.80 MMixed
Greenshire and Wynnbrook (Todd Clayton)Rotates homesSunday at 6:00 PM22.10 MMixed
Senior Center in Schertz (Robena Greer) Wednesday at 2:00 PM22.10 MMixed
Deer Creek (Jeff Oyer) Saturday at 6:30 PM23.10 MMixed
Falcon Ridge (Ryan Rohan) Sunday at 5:00 PM23.11 MMixed
Reserve at Schertz (Juan Hernandez) Wednesday at 7:00 PM23.43 MMixed
Emily's Place | College/Young Adult (Leighann Glass) Thursday at 6:00 PM24.38 MMixed
Whisper Meadow (Rudy Sanchez)Group shares a pot-luck meal prior to the study. Hosts will providing the main course. The members provide complimentary side dishes / beverages and desserts.Wednesday at 6:30 PM24.40 MMixed
Bandera, TX Friday at 7:00 PM24.62 MMixed
Cibolo Valley Ranch (JP Phillips) Sunday at 6:00 PM24.93 MMixed
Castle Ridge (Deryl Duer) Sunday at 6:00 PM31.72 MMixed
River Acres - North (Aggie Wukasch) Monday at 6:30 PM31.92 MMixed
Riverchase (Jon Johnston) Friday at 6:30 PM35.50 MMixed
Kerrville, TX (Kerrville Public Utility Board) Wednesday at 7:00 PM41.44 MMixed
Kerrville Office Complex Tuesday at 7:00 PM42.86 MMixed
Whataburger (Fredericksburg) Friday at 7:00 PM46.85 MMixed
Oak Hills Church - Fredericksburg Campus Tuesday at 6:30 PM47.13 MMixed
Andy's Diner Thursday at 8:00 AM47.54 MMixed
Fredericksburg NE Tuesday at 2:00 PM48.56 MMixed
Johnson City Tuesday at 6:30 PM48.96 MMixed
Fredericksburg NE Sunday at 6:30 PM49.15 MMixed
Fredericksburg NE Tuesday at 6:30 PM49.38 MMixed
Fredericksburg NE Sunday at 6:30 PM50.78 MMixed

Specialty Groups:

Grupo en Espanol – llama 210.807.5218